At Back N' Line we believe chiropractic care is more about healing power than simply treating pain.
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How our treatments are different.
Dr. Rami specializes in corrective care which is designed to help you have long-term healing and pain releif.

There are two models of chiropractic care, Palliative care, and Corrective care.

Palliative care follows more of a medical model in that it is used only as a treatment for some type of symptom or crisis. In other words…It hurts here, adjust me here, and I will come in again when I am in crisis. This leads to a life where you are simply managing your health from crisis to crisis. By nature, that style of care is unstructured and therefore the results are unpredictable.

At Back N' Line we specialize in corrective care for long-term health. With corrective care, there is structure to the care with clear objectives. The first goal is to help resolve whatever current symptom/crisis you are experiencing right now. Then, correct what is causing those problems and ultimately, teach you how to protect that correction. This allows you to experience your body's full health potential throughout your life. 

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